Corral Officers for 2014

President: Ray Drasher 661-944-4359

Vice Presdient: Dennis Hosack  661-733-1885

Secretary: Anita Martin 661-944-4732

Treasurer:  Pam Hosack   661-433-1207

Membership: Diane Jaegers  661- 947-6153

Board Members:
Gary Crill:
Renie Almanza:
Larry Martin: 661- 944-4132                
Val Banks: 661-264-4018
John Jaegers: 661-947-6153

Newsletter: Dennis Hosack  661-733-1885

          When and where we meet:
Our Corral meetings are the first Tuesday of the month. General Membership meeting starts at 7:00pm.

Our meetings will be held at Littlerock Grill, 7660 Pearblossom Hwy,
Ph# 944-3225